School History

Our school, the first senior high school in Eastern Taiwan, was founded in 1927 (the 16th year of ROC calendar; the 2nd year of Syowa calendar) during the Japanese occupation, and was named as “Girls’ Senior High School of Hualien Port.” It was followed by three changes afterwards: “Provincial Hualien Girls’ High School” in 1946 (the 35th year of ROC calendar), “Provincial Hualien Girls’ Senior High School” in 1970 (the 59th year of ROC calendar), and “National Hualien Girls’ Senior High School” in 2000 (the 89th year of ROC calendar), respectively.

School Introduction

There are 11 classes in each grade, including one fine art class (for both male and female students), one bi-lingual gifted class, and one mathematics and science gifted class. There are 1300 students in 33 classes.

Teaching Facilities

  1. The multi-function teaching center includes a school library, an information center, an audio-visual classroom, three meeting rooms, and a self-study room.
  2. Academic building has a mini-theater, two computer classrooms, a language tutorial classroom, and laboratories.
  3. Student dormitory
  4. Jing-Hua Club House (Historical Building)
  5. Swimming Pool
  6. Gymnasium
  7. Art building: the music classroom, the classroom of domestic science, and the classroom of living technology.

Multiple Intelligence Curriculum Design

(1) Courses include important environmental issues: Environmental issues like global warming, the construction of Suao-Hualien Highway, and the development of Seven-Star Bay are integrated into the curriculum.

(2) Teaching activities integrate local cultural features: Students are encouraged to learn local culture by visiting historical sites, marble-carving exhibits, and aboriginal culture exhibitions.

(3) Utilizes community resources: Teachers and experts in the community help design various teaching activities like the Female Movie Festival, the Pacific Poetry Festival, and the Art Fun Fair.

(4) Improves students’ academic performance: Elective and extra courses are given for students who want to improve their academic performances. These courses cover languages, science, and social studies.

(5) Focuses on humanity and life education: Students are required to elect courses related to career planning and life education, so they can better understand themselves and respect life.

(6) Emphasizes physical education: Students must learn skills to play basketball, volleyball, softball, table tennis, badminton, soccer, and swimming before graduation. Annual sports events are held.

(7) Diversified club activities: Students are required to join one “general- purpose “club, with the aim of learning while playing. “Service-based” clubs are elective. 95% of the students join such clubs. Examples are “Roots and Shoots”, “Environmental Protection Volunteers” and “Red Cross”.

Educational Philosophy

We promote holistic education based on humanity, and we also focus on love, deepening the importance of life education.

Core Value

Humanistic Concerns: Educational concentric circles with「Love」as the core and「Model」as the radius

Respect and Tolerance: Emphasize respect and tolerance toward ultimate goal of superiority

Adaptive Development: Elite is the result of adaptive development, which creates schools without failures

Holistic Education: Develop Holistic Education and cultivate the spirits of being a cosmopolite

Sustainable Management: Respect diverse cultures and found learning environment with sustainable management

Future Development

  1. To set up a learning environment which helps develop multiple-intelligence, creating a quality school style of holistic education.
  2. To develop a learning-based school, creating the vitality of sustainable development.

School Features

Based on the school motto of “Tenderness, Respectfulness, Diligence, and Frugality”, our school endeavors to cultivate students’ humanity and spirit to care for the society through the courses of life education and the activities of service learning.  Besides, science education can be also seen as one of the main concerns of teaching curricula.

We promote reading activities, and encourage students to join in the thesis competition; in addition, second foreign language courses and make-up courses are offered to enhance students’ academic ability.  We also pay attention to the needs of aboriginal students in every way possible, such as language courses, activities about aboriginal cultures, and so on.   

Special Achievement

Our school was rated by the Ministry of Education as Class A in 2019’s School Evaluations. From 2003 till now, we have been awarded by the government institutions for the contribution to students counseling, environmental protection, social education, traffic safety, volunteer services, and health promotion. Students have superior performances both in national musical competitions and English abilities contests. Over 90% of the graduates are admitted to universities each year, over 40% of whom enter national ones.


Principal: Chan Man-Fu

Address: No.2, Jinghua St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  

Phone: +886-3-8321202

Fax: +886-3-8329797